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Who are the best players of all time - Read our analysis

Some players find it hard to make it big in the poker world whereas some are able to read on opponents’ styles and easily become grandmasters of poker world. Following are some of the top poker players of all time.

Johnny Moss – Selected as the first WSOP champion by his peers, Moss was known as a master of heads-poker and a legend who won around $4 million. He was surely the most successful poker player in the history of poker.

Phil Ivey – Even some of the greatest players in poker consider Ivey as the toughest opponent. With eight WSOP bracelets, Ivey is without a doubt one of the best poker players alive in the world today.

Phil Hellmuth – Infamously known as Poker Brat, Phil is one of the best tournament player of all-time. Hellmuth holds the record for most World Series of Poker and hence many regard him as the best tournament player.

Doyle Brunson – Most commonly known as ‘Texas Dolly’, Brunson is a living legend in the world of poker. He has the most WSOP bracelets after Hellmuth and is considered as the best cash players in the world, who gives even the most aggressive young Internet players a run for their money.

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Online poker in Ireland! An overview.

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and although you will have to sacrifice the "feel" of holding a deck of cards in your hands, the advantages and perks of Online poker are many. This evergreen game takes a whole different twist on the internet, because it allows something that can't happen in real life: it allows an unprecedented amount of excitement, variety and flexibility: you can measure yourself against players of all levels, coming from all areas of the planet - This factor alone makes for an absolutely exciting gaming experience.

Not unlike so many other countries, Ireland is definitely not immune to the global fascination with the world of online poker. Ireland's gambling traditions can be traced back a very long way, after all. Online gambling (including online poker games) have been quite slow to be accepted by local laws and regulations, but eventually, this niche has become regulated up to international standards, for the safety of the players, as well as the gambling platform offering games. Online gambling has been illegal in Ireland until recent times, but the famous "Horses and Greyhound Act, instituted in 2001, finally legally allowed Irish gambling fans to be able to bet and play online; not only from Irish providers, but from global platforms.

In spite of the recent legal acceptance, Ireland has a great tradition of outstanding poker players who managed to leave their mark on the global poker scene. Many Irish players are famous for their unique way to be brave and take chances in a very unorthodox way. Among the best  Irish poker specialists, it is impossible to avoid mentioning people the likes of Phil Laak, Roy "The Boy" Brindley and Padraig Parkinsons, among others.

How do you become like these professional players? How do you develop a feel, a talent and a keen understanding of your opponent’s mindset?

The only difference between a very good player and a very lucky player (the kind of player who can win sometime, but that will lose over long term gaming) lies in the in-depth study of different strategies and gaming philosophy. The true poker professional does not only develop a strategy for himself, but sets out to get out of his / hers comfort zone. It is absolutely vital to test yourself with as many different strategies and in many different gaming situations as possible. "Free games" are a great way to practice before moving to the real online poker games. This way, you will not need to bet your money right away, if you are not sure about your strategy. Once you feel ready, there are plenty of great platforms to choose from.

Online Poker in Australia - The current situation

Australians love to gamble. As of 2007, Aussies boasted the highest gambling rate in the world with reportedly over 80% of adults participating in some semblance of betting whether it be horse racing, sports betting or poker (online, video and casino). The industry began to see this unprecedented growth in the mid-1990s when mega casinos started springing up and fostering a buzz within the gambling scene of Australia. The largest casino, Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne is believed to have more than 12 million visitors per year.

Online poker in Australia mirrors the popularity of traditional gambling (casinos). Australia has the third highest Triple Crown winners of any country in the world at an astounding 36. A Triple Crown is achieved when an online poker player wins three different tournaments on three different sites within a one week time period (any seven days). This player must win three multi-table tournaments with a prize pool of at least $10,000 and consist of at least 100 players. This achievement is bestowed upon verification by the creators of this award, PocketFives.com (an online poker forum). This site also maintains a list of rankings by country and username. The current highest ranked online poker player in Australia goes by the handle mjw006. He has won nearly $3 million over the course of his career and is considered to be the 25th ranked poker player in the world. He won the PokerStart Super Tuesday back in October cashing in at nearly $100,000.

Because of the rapid growth of online gambling, the Australian Commonwealth has had to devote more time and effort towards regulation of the gambling industry. In 2001, the Australian Commonwealth passed the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA). This outlawed online gambling companies from offering ‘real-money’ online interactive gambling services to Australian citizens. This also outlawed advertising of such services to Australian citizens. Interestingly enough, it is not illegal for Australians to use interactive gambling services. It is also not illegal for Australian based companies to offer online interactive gambling services to gamblers located outside of the country (provided they do not reside in certain countries designated as illegal). Despite the involvement of the Australian Commonwealth, each state and territory has its own governing bodies that provide further regulation for the gambling businesses within their jurisdiction. Australian Capital Territory (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission), New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing and Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation are just a few of the well-known state run regulatory bodies.


Another interesting fact concerning the legal environment of gambling in Australia is that winnings are not taxed. There are three primary reasons contributing to the philosophy as to why gambling winnings are not taxed in Australia: 1. Gambling is not viewed as a legitimate occupation. It is viewed as a recreational activity. 2. The Australian government does not view gambling winnings as income rather as the good luck. It is also believed that gamblers lose a lot even when they achieve wins. 3. The Australian government taxes gambling operators. Poker machines are taxed based on net profits, player losses and licensing fees. Casinos are taxed on player losses and licensing fees.

Australians are believed to gamble (and lose) more than any other country in the world. According to the Economist, Australian gamblers lose $1300 per year and are by far the highest in the world. Government estimates indicate that some 600,000 Australians play video poker machines on a weekly basis and approximately 40% of them are considered to be gambling addicts. While gambling is considered to be more harmful than beneficial for Australian citizens, many believe that state governments are addicted to revenue generated from gambling operator taxation. Some estimates show that roughly 12% of state income in Victoria and New South Wales come from video poker machines and slots. This paints a dark picture of gambling and Australian state governments. This appears to show governments profiting from the loss of its citizens. Not everyone agree with this interpretation. Clubs Australia, the representative body for Australian clubs insists that Australians have always been heavy gamblers and due to the millions of clubs (and casino) members, Australians gambling habits only serve to show their interest as a nation of free citizens. Many clubs have attempted to create family friendly environments with separate floors for gambling and children areas. Many hotels connected to clubs and casinos sponsor events targeted at families and children.


Despite the conflict centered around views on gambling in Australia, it appears that it has become permanently ingrained within the culture. Gambling can be extremely fun and addictive. As with any vice there will always be those who cannot control themselves. If any vices cause personal or professional problems it is always best to seek professional help.

What do Poker and Bingo have in common?

You can win money playing them

The chance to win money is one of the many reasons that people play poker and bingo – and it’s, arguably, the main one. The trouble with poker though is that unless you get into some of the really big games you’re never going to win big-money, and to get into those big-money games you usually have to have loads of money in the first place. Bingo is completely the opposite in that regard as you can play cash-games for just a few pennies and still win prizes running into thousands of pounds. You also don’t need loads of money to play the jackpot games where prizes can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds for just the small-cost of a bingo ticket.

You can go out to play them

Playing poker and bingo can both make for great nights out, and you can play poker down at your local casino and bingo down at your local bingo hall.

You can play online

Online gaming is a massive global business nowadays and more and more people are switching to playing both poker and bingo online. The beauty of online gaming is that you can play from just about anywhere that has an internet connection via your computer, tablet or mobile phone, and many poker and bingo fans take advantage of this by playing whilst they’re travelling or on a break at work. Of course many people also enjoy playing from their comfort of their own home. To do check out this bingo site butlersbingo.com. It has lots of offers all the time and you can enjoy some free bingo too.


Both poker and bingo have rules (which game doesn’t) and there are a variety of games to learn the rules of. However, whilst poker rules can get quite complicated with games such as 5 card draw, 5 card stud and Texas hold-em all having their own sets of rules, bingo rules are pretty easy to learn and universal. There are two main types of bingo: 90-ball and 75-ball. 90-ball bingo requires winners to complete a line from the numbers called out by the bingo caller in order to win a prize and then complete a full-house to win a bigger prize. 75-ball bingo simply requires winners to make a pre-agreed pattern from the numbers called out.


Both poker and bingo requires the use of cards – though in a different way. In poker players use a standard deck of playing cards from which they must try and make the best hand they can. Hands include pairs, three-of-a-kind, runs, flushes,full-houses, four-of-a-kind, straight flushes and, if you’re really lucky – an unbeatable royal flush. Bingo also uses cards, but bingo cards are as easy to understand as the rules as each cardhas a random selection of numbers on it that you simply have to cross off as they are called out.


Players are a massive part of both poker and bingo, but whilst you get professional poker players who have spent years playing the game and know the winning percentages of a hand better than the back of their own hand, giving them a significant advantage over novice players – bingo isn’t like that. Indeed, a novice bingo player has just as much chance of winning any cash prize or jackpot as an experienced bingo player. What’s even better about bingo is that you’re not directly trying to take money off the people you’re playing against – which makes it a much more friendly game than poker. You can also team up with your friends at bingo and agree to split the winnings, which is a great way of increasing your chances of winning a jackpot.

No time to play poker? Play bingo instead

Poker isn’t a game you can play in a hurry, though online games move a lot quicker than land-based ones, it’s true. But if you’re looking for a game you can play to win without spending a lot of time on it, then online bingo is the game for you.

You don’t even have to be at your computer (or whichever device you choose to play on) when the game is taking place. Most bingo sites will have pre-buy options, where you can buy tickets for games you want to be a part of, whenever the games might be scheduled for. Whether you’re logged in or not, your tickets will be played through automatically, and if you have a win, it will be credited to your account – so you could have a nice surprise waiting for you next time you go onto the site.

The great thing about playing online bingo is that you never have to wait for a game – whatever time of day or night it is, you’ll find there’s a game about to start. Most bingo tickets cost very little, but there are also plenty of free games to join in when you want to. The sites offer the free games as a kind of reward for loyalty from their customers; although the games are free to play, each has a cash jackpot on offer for the lucky winner.

You’ll find the low-down on a whole range of different bingo sites at www.rowbingo.com. It’s a mixture of reviews and information on a number of bingo sites as well as info on where to find the best bingo bonuses, so you can get the most value out of the money you put into a bingo account. Most sites will match or double the initial deposit you place into an account, meaning that your bingo playing funds stretch that much further.

Whether you play bingo when you’re too busy to sit down and play or you play it when you feel like socialising with players in the bingo chat rooms, it’s a great game to play when you don’t have time for a full game of poker, but still want to be in with a chance of having a big win.

How online poker is better than Live Poker?

This is a common topic of discussion with heated arguments. Some people criticize online poker because this is the main reason why live poker is losing essence. Others are appreciating the concept as busy people are also able to play poker online in their hectic schedule. Here our main focus is to discuss hoe virtual poker is better than live poker.

When you are playing virtually, online sessions are usually very small. They last for one or two hours at most. Players are changing frequently on table within one or two hours. Best thing about poker online is that opponent player cannot guess your face expression. You can play at your convenient level and you can leave the table whenever you want. if you want more online poker information you should do some Googling and understand, there is a lot of info about it. 

The person serious about virtual poker games can attend tournaments weekly or monthly. These tournaments usually have associated with attractive bonuses or rewards. The winning person will be awarded with a big amount at the end. You can also make social bonds with the regular players. Make sure you are not going to share credit information with casino players.

You don’t have to move out of your home when playing online poker. For a busy person, it is quite tough to visit any poker room personally. Everyone has computer and Internet access in the modern world. You just have to register yourself for a particular website and start playing online. You don’t even have to invest money for playing poker online.

You can download poker software at your computer and play at your own convenient time. Sometimes, software is integrated with the website itself and you don’t even have to waste time in downloading them. Internet has made everything so easy and accessible for everyone. Chat rooms are also added to poker websites for making them more functional and social.

You can play online poker anywhere at any time. You just need a laptop and Internet connection. This is the biggest reason why online poker is more popular as compared to live poker. Playing poker is fun and you just have to spend your one hour for enjoying this game. With the online gambling, you are bringing poker room in your home instead of visiting them personally.

The next biggest advantage is that you don’t even have to pay much to play poker online. You don’t have to waste your money in travelling, food and drink. Overhead cost has been reduced to a much extent when you are playing online. Virtual poker is fifty percent cheaper as compared to live poker.

Real Poker in Ireland

Last week we published an article about the current situation of online poker in Ireland (a must read article). But the point the I am trying to say is that we didnt talk at all about regular poker in Ireland, think about that !!

The next attractive fact about virtual poker is online bonuses. Every time you join a website they welcome you with a signup bonus. You will earn profit every time you win the poker game. No deposit bonus is the excellent choice to move ahead as you don’t have to invest personal cash and you can play safe without any risks. Sometimes online poker seems to be frustrating when you are focusing on multiple things and not able to win even a single time. For best result, it is advised to focus on your game completely.  




You Can Strike it lucky With A Winning Black Jack Strategy

Black Jack is one of the most popular games of chance at the casino. It is believed by many gamblers to offer the best chance of beating the house, if you know what you are doing. That’s where strategy comes in. If you educate yourself in the fine art of Black Jack strategy, then you stand a good chance of leaving the casino with more money than when you entered. The odds of a certain card being drawn are well known but you have to be patient and precise in your execution of the strategy to have any chance of walking away a winner.

Your first order of business is to learn the basic strategy. Most players refer to a strategy chart that indicates what you must do based on the first two cards you have drawn and which card the dealer turns up. The house gains a slight advantage by you having to make the first move. Once you have made your decision you then need to follow a set pattern of decisions based on what happens after you are hit. We will look now at “hard hands” and “soft hands”. Simply put, you have a hard hand if you don’t have an ace in the first two cards you have received and a soft hand is one that includes at least one ace.

So what do you do when you have a hard hand? Well let’s follow the sequence and see what you should do:

When you have been dealt eight or less you always hit. But when you have been dealt nine, you then double only when the dealer has between 3 and 6, otherwise you must hit. In the event of you receiving ten, then double when the dealer shows 2 to 9, otherwise you must hit. When you are dealt eleven, you must double when the dealer turns up 2 to 10. When your dealer has an Ace then hit. Finding you have twelve you must hit when the dealer turn up 2 or 3. However, you must stand when the dealer gets between 4 and 6, otherwise you must hit. In the event of being dealt between 13 and 16 you will stand if your dealer has between 2 and 6, otherwise you hit. And finally, when you have 17 to 21 you always stand.

So what must you do if you receive a soft hand? Remember, that is a hand that contains at least one ace. When you have Ace pIus 2 or Ace pIus 3 then double, provided that the dealer has drawn 5 or 6, otherwise you must hit. When you receive Ace pIus 4 or Ace plus 5 then double provided that the dealer has drawn 4 to 6, otherwise you must hit. When you receive an Ace pIus 6 then double provided that the dealer has between

3 and 6, otherwise you must hit. When you are dealt an Ace pIus 7 you stand, provided that the dealer has a 2, 7 or 8. Should your dealer have 3 to 6 you must double otherwise you hit. And finally, your Ace pIus 8 or Ace pIus 9 requires you to always stand.

Once you have memorized the sequences above you’ll be able to easily make your play without worrying about the appropriate move to make. But what happens when you receive a pair? Well, follow the strategy below and you will successfully navigate this sometimes difficult aspect of blackjack strategy.

You always have to split 2 aces or eights.




What to play when you’re too wired to play poker

Poker is a great game, and when you’re playing it you can be totally absorbed in it. In fact, the more you participate mentally, the better your chances of winning will be. It’s not a game you should play when you’re tired, have had too much to drink or are feeling stressed out about work. Poker is a game you need to be on your toes for – otherwise someone else at the table (online or not) will get the better of you and take the pot from under your nose.

So, what should you play when you’re feeling a little jaded, but just want to have a chance of winning big? The lotto is a great choice for those moments – playing the lottery doesn’t require any mental effort, or even time to sit down and play. You don’t even need to get yourself down to the local shop anymore - you can buy tickets online for whatever lottery draw you want to take part in. Of course, playing the lottery is a different experience to playing a strategic game like poker but the potential rewards are life-changing.

Even if you enter a relatively flat lottery like the Sorteo Extraodinario de Navidad - the most popular Lotto draw in Spain which takes place every Christmas, you still stand a chance of winning a million or so euros if you hit El Gordo – the ‘fat one’ – jackpot. The Spanish Christmas lottery differs from most national lotteries as there is only a limited number of tickets available and the five digit combinations of numbers on the tickets are printed in series of 160, so anyone winning the jackpot will share their win with a number of other people. This adds to the communal spirit of a Christmas lottery and is a tradition that has been running for more than 200 years. In fact, many Spaniards will only buy a ‘participation’ of a ticket – going into a syndicate with family or friends. That way, if anyone wins, they can share the pleasure of winning with people they are close to.


Of course, playing the lottery isn’t the same as playing a game of poker, where there’s a certain amount of personal pride at stake, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a bad idea to mix in a few lottery tickets to your overall gaming strategy.

Making Small Pairs Profitable

Pocket pairs can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. While big pairs (such as pocket jacks and above) virtually play themselves, anything below pocket nines can be somewhat tricky to master.

Indeed, consider a scenario where you've raised pre-flop with pocket sevens, had one caller and the flop has rolled out: Ac Ts Kh. In this hand it can be tough to know what to do with your sevens because it's likely that the flop has hit a large portion of your opponent's range.

In the rest of this article we've outlined the basic pre-flop principles you should follow if you want to improve your game. More advice and tips can be found there. 

First off we need to define what we mean by a "small" pocket pair. For the purposes of our analysis and your outlook on the game you should define any hand from 22 to 88 as a small pair.  The reason for this definition is because of how they play post-flop in multi-way pots. Indeed, although pocket eights are better than pocket deuces, the way you play them on the majority of flops against various opponents will be largely the same.

So, now that we've defined what a small pair is, how do we play them profitably? As a basic strategy, you should fold all small pairs when you are seated in early position. As your position changes you can begin to be somewhat looser with your opening range to the point where it's ok to raise the top end of your "small pair range" (i.e. pocket sevens and eights) from middle position. Finally, in late position (i.e. the cut-off and button) it's profitable to raise your entire range.

What if someone has opened the pot before you've had a chance to act? At this point you need to consider two factors: relative stack sizes and the players left to act.

When looking at relative stack sizes (the comparison of their stack to yours) you need to ensure that there’s enough money to make it worthwhile trying to make a set (i.e. the most likely way you're going to win the pot). The odds against hitting a set are roughly 7 to 1, thus you need to ensure the relative stack sizes are at least 70 big blinds. If this is the case then it's fine to call; if not it's probably better to fold in most circumstances.

The second consideration is the players left to act behind you. If there’s an aggressive player prone to 3-betting lurking to your left then it’s wise to fold because you can’t afford to play a large pot out of position with mediocre hands.

Piecing all this together won't mean you'll never lose money with pocket pairs, but it will give you a better idea of which situations are potentially profitable and which are not. 

Final Table Set in 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event

Back in July, nine players made it to the final table of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. For poker fans, the agonising wait is nearly over as November 9 fast approaches when these nine will reconvene to compete for the title in Las Vegas. The remaining players managed to battle through a field of 6,352 entrants to have a shot at winning the $8.3 million prize money. That being said, not all of them are full-time poker professionals. So who are they exactly? Let’s meet the so-called ‘November Nine’.

Sylvain Loosli

Loosli is a French poker professional from Toulon, France, and this year marks his first ever cash at any poker event outside his home country. Now living in London, the Frenchman considers himself an online poker specialist, having amassed around $1,000,000 in career winnings. In contrast, he has only $3,198 recorded winnings in real-world tournaments.

Michiel Brummelhuis

Brummelhuis is a 32-year-old poker pro from Amsterdam, Netherlands. This year sees his fourth appearance at the WSOP main event and the first time a Dutch player had made the final table (the previous highest finisher was Marcel Luske who finished 10th in 2004). He has over $670,000 in career poker winnings, with roughly $174,000 coming from WSOP cashes.

Marc Newhouse

The first American on our list, Newhouse has competed in the Main Event every year since 2006. The Los-Angeles resident has managed to earn $152,725 at the WSOP, having cashed six times and finishing as high as 207th in the 2011 tournament.

Jay Farber

Farber is a Las Vegas VIP Host turned poker player and the dark horse of the final nine. He has played in the Main Event only once before and has no previous cashes in WSOP with career earnings of just $2,155. If you want to check out the odds on his winning, take a look at livebets on Betsafe. 

Ryan Riess

The youngest player of the ‘November Nine’, Riess is a 23-year-old business graduate from Michigan who entered the WSOP Main Event for the first time this year. His ending up on the final table has been foreshadowed by three cashes at other WSOP events this summer and his 2012 second-place finish at the Circuit Main Event.

Amir Lehavot

A 38-year-old Israeli, Lehavot is the oldest player at the final table and brings his fair share of experience. With 12 previous cashes at the WSOP, he has managed to earn $800,000, giving him career winnings of around $1.5 million.

Marc-Etienne McLaughlin

McLaughlin is a 25-year-old poker player from Quebec, Canada. This is his fifth consecutive year at the Main Event and he has already finished in the top 100 twice, coming 30th in 2009 and 86th in 2011. If he were to win, he would become the second French Canadian to win the event after Jonathan Duhamel became champion in 2010.

JC Tran

The current chip-leader, Tran goes into the final table with 8 million more chips than his nearest rival. He is the most experienced player left, with a history of 44 previous WSOP cashes and career earnings in the region of $9 million. Even if eliminated first, this will still be his biggest WSOP cash so far.

David Benefield

Benefield is a part-time poker player with only 6,375,000 chips going into the event (compared to Tran’s 38,000,000). He has one previous cash from a 73rd place finish in 2008. He is also still a student at Columbia and studies Political Science and Chinese.




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